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Monday - November 25, 2013 1:24 am

Mistress Ava Black announces her spanking and CP sessions.
Mistress Ava Black is the Deputy Head at The Montrose Academy
and she is a strict woman and Disciplinarian. Her particular passions involve OTK spanking, caning, tawseing, and scolding or telling naughty boys and girls off before sending them to the naughty corner.
Mistress is based in North Kent and also offers sessions in Central London. Her rates are as follows:
£150 when in North Kent with a minimum 2hr booking
- this is a residential location so much better suited for Domestic Discipline
- I also have a schoolroom setting for naughty boys and girls especially when taking continuing education and detention.
£200 when in Central London
- this is in a Dungeon setting but is more suited if making that extra trip out to Kent is not an option.
- they have a leather spanking/bondage style bench that works well for delivering judicial style canings or spanking.

Wishing you all a spanking festive season!
Mistress Ava Black would like you to put some dates in your diary for the festive period. Top up your kink before you're tied down with all the fun family events ;-)
November 28th - Central London sessions by appointment
December 5th - Central London filmed sessions with Mistress Kiana for £100 per hour
December 12th - Central London sessions by appointment
December 19th - Central London sessions by appointment
December 24th to 26th - special appointments for my festive boys. Outcalls only.


Do you prefer longer sessions but are unable to find a Dominatrix who will cater for this?
Do you dream of a lifestyle live-in slave position but all the Dominant women you approach are not interested?
Do you wish to serve a truly Dominant woman who will remind you constantly of your place in life - firmly by her feet?
Then you will benefit from extended sessions with Mistress Ava Black of England. A lifestyle as well as Professional Dominatrix, she offers extended servitude from her domestic residence in England. This will suit you if you crave the deeper connection that can only come with being in servitude for more than an hour or so.
Mistress Ava Black is a trained Psychological therapist and has a passion for deeper explorations of your boundaries. From the moment you walk through her door you will relinquish all control of your previous existence. You will exist only to serve Mistress and cater to her needs. You will no longer be who you are in the outside world. Instead you will become an extension of her desires and expectations of you.
Contact Mistress by emailing her on ava@strictblackmistress.com to book your session today.
*Sessions must be fully paid in advance. All extended sessions take place in a Domestic fetish-friendly residence and not a Dungeon. Discounts apply for longer bookings. Consult rates list or confirm prior to making your booking.*
£2,000 for 24hr booking
If booking for more than 24 hours
£1,500 for first 24hrs
£1,000 for each 24hrs or part thereafter
Full details on http://www.mistressavablack.com/extended_domination_sessions.html

Mistress Ava Black announces her seasonal promotion for lovers of kink and femdom clips.
Until the end of 2013 if you spend $50 or more in a single transaction from any of Mistress Ava Black’s Clips4Sale stores she will send you 5 high resolution images as a special thank you just for making the purchase!
You can choose to have the images digitally signed or not.
With a never-before-seen catalogue of images from the last 3 years in excess of 20,000 images you can be sure she will find something to make your eyes smile! These images will only ever be made available in the upcoming members’ site! So don’t miss your chance to see the exclusive images and have them as a delicious wallpaper on your computer or print them out into a gorgeous huge image for your wall! Whatever you use it for, you will be sure to enjoy gazing into this temptress’s eyes as she watches you throughout your day.
There are 3 different stores so you are spoilt for choice. And remember you need to send an email confirmation of your purchase to Mistress so she can choose the most appropriate images for you.
The stores are:
http://www.clips4sale.com/40627 - femdom, ballbusting, SPH, humiliation, tease and denial, instructional courses, NT, CBT, CFNM, strapon, smoking, financial domination, whipping, flogging, BDSM, anal training, slave training.
http://clips4sale.com/58583 - foot fetish, nude feet, high heels, boot domination, trampling, WAM, food fetish, feet outdoors
http://clips4sale.com/70390 - caning, spanking, OTK spanking, women spanking men, women spanking women, mouthsoaping, role play

Mistress Ava Black announces her new Financial Domination site
As you may be aware Mistress is a content producer and performer based in England. She tours extensively around Europe and Asia, and these trips and the lifestyle she enjoys are funded by her faithful findom slaves.
Mistress has now expanded her following and is looking for loyal findom slaves who have a strong desire to serve financially. The right candidates will be expected to show their devotion by maintaining regular contact with Mistress as well as tributing her regularly. She also has tasks for her findom slaves that require completion weekly, sometimes daily.
This is your true chance to submit to a higher power and devote yourself to a true Dominant.
Contact Mistress on ava@strictblackmistress.com to make your enquiry today!

Mistress Ava Black would like to remind you that she is available for custom video shoots.
As you know she produces regular fetish as well as femdom content. Some of the genres she has filmed include:
- cuckolding
- role play
- spanking
- Femdom
- boot Domination
- foot worship
- foot fetish
- tease and denial
- small penis humiliation
- spitting fetish
- strapon
- anal training
- crossdressing and sissy training
amongst many others...
If you have commissioned a custom shoot from her already then you will agree that nothing beats hearing your Mistress speaking directly to you, commanding you as though you were in the same room as her. And weaving her web of Dominance all over you. The Queen of POV!
What are you waiting for?
NB Mistress retains the copyright of all footage filmed. If you require full copyright this is available at double the normal charge.
Normal rates start at £10 per minute of edited footage. Minimum 20 minutes per order. You may order multiple clips if an individual clip is less than 20 minutes.
Email ava@strictblackmistress.com to make your order today.

Mistress Ava Black and Mistress Kiana are holding a filmed double session on Thursday December 5th 2013 and are inviting you to join the fun!
You will receive a double Domination session carried out in real time at a drastically reduced cost of only £100 per hour! That’s a 75% saving on normal rates!!!
Don’t miss this opportunity to star in your own kinky movie! Discretion is assured and respected. If you require a mask a selection will be available on the day.
Email ava@strictblackmistress.com to book your place today!

Are you looking to take a pledge of chastity and don’t know where to start? Have you promised yourself you will be chaste but find yourself falling off the wagon time after time? Is it just no fun being in chastity when you know you can easily slip in and out of your device with no-one monitoring you?
Are you ready to make your fantasy a reality?!?!?
Then contact Mistress Ava Black on ava@strictblackmistress.com and turn your life around!
Read http://www.mistressavablack.com/chastity_keyholding.html
Mistress will make your deepest desires take form and become a living dream! Strict, sensual, playful, and breathtakingly stunning, this Ebony English Mistress will leave you gasping for breath when she whisks your key away into her care.
Are you ready to go the extra mile?
Because she will lock you up and not let go of that key! And all the while teasing you and tempting you with her gorgeous eyes and body. Conditioning and training your body to love and loathe it’s primal urges, Mistress will turn you into the perfect slave for her!
Email her on ava@strictblackmistress.com and lodge your application today.
*NB* Probationary period and application phase are subject to a charge that is prepaid. A probationary period of 4 weeks applies followed by long-term chastity contract.

Reassuringly expensive...
Mistress Ava Black wants you cuckold slave!
This Ebony whirlwind is the object of your desires, your femme fatale. Strict, cruel, uncompromising, teasing.... she captures your imagination and refuses to let go.
You wonder what she looks like, feels like, tastes like in the heat of passion?
Well now you can find out first hand. Book a cuckolding session with Mistress and her boyfriend and find out for yourself.
Read http://www.mistressavablack.com/cuckolding_sessions.html
For more details, and contact ava@strictblackmistress.com to book your session today!

Mistress Ava Black

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***** latest december NEWS & information of Mistress Ava Black *****
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