**** NEWS - Madame Suri De Couture - W1 Mayfair London ****
Thursday - June 13, 2013 9:36 pm
**** NEWS - Madame Suri De Couture - W1 Mayfair London ****

I'm Madame Suri De Couture. You can call me Madame Suri.
I'm Japanese-French origin and an educated, stunning,
sophisticated and seductive Dominatrix.

A London Mistress provides a lot of varied services which undoubtedly
appeal tp those with a kinkier side to them.
In this article we will look at all the different types of fetishes
that I am happy to engage in.
Just so that there is no confusion, a fetish is when someone has a sexual
desire or is sexually aroused  by something which is not intended to
be sexual by nature. Someone who is sexually aroused by shoes,
whether they are being worn or not is a person with a shoe fetish –
not just someone to appreciates the beauty of the shoe – there is a difference.
Some sexual fetishes are quite tame whilst others can be quite extreme.

Name: Madame-Suri-De-Couture
Location: W1 Mayfair London
E-mail: madamesuri@hotmail.com
Phone: +44(0)7540263005



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